From its origins and in its two varieties Arabica and Robusta, we take care of our relationship with the harvesting countries of Central and South America, Africa and Asia, rigorously managing international protocols.

Our team concentrates its potential in roasting and packaging, unifying craftsmanship and high technology to obtain the perfect aromas and personality of each bean through rigorous quality controls, whose sole purpose is to guarantee the success and emotional connection of our customers with their consumers.

Roasting is our legacy. A masterful way of roasting the beans allows us to extract and showcase their qualities, slowly inducing them to release their essential oils. Oils that provide us with the aroma and flavor of each region of origin. Roasting requires knowledge, experience and expertise to obtain the best profile and quality of each coffee bean.

New eating habits focus our efforts

We are focused on satisfying new market trends and niches, in a sure bet on nature. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse and Reuse are the four fundamental pillars on which our manifesto is based. We guarantee the ecological cultivation of coffee, whose optimization of natural resources allows us to obtain high quality organic beans.

A good filtered coffee requires a bean with exceptional characteristics.

In our 42 years of experience in coffee roasting we have acquired the know-how that allows us to define the optimum roasting point depending on the attributes and properties of each coffee, as well as the extraction method to be used in its elaboration.

A light roast means more floral and fruit notes but also more nudity, for better and for worse. A darker roast translates into more bitter notes and more organoleptic opacity.

The best




The best


Compatible capsules

We sell compatible capsules for all types of coffee machines.


Bosch designed a system with barcodes in their T-Discs that are not easy to hack, so you will not find them compatible with this firm.


There are many compatible brands, perhaps the most popular of which are Solimo, Starbucks and L’Or. However, there are also Marcilla, Pellini, Candelas, Consuelo, Happy Belly (Amazon’s private label), etc.


It has some like Starbucks, which has also wanted to bring the flavor of its coffee shops to homes with these coffee makers. Other brands such as Viaggio Espresso, Fortaleza, Yespresso, Consuelo, etc. are also available.


Some capsules are compatible thanks to the standardization of their single-dose and paper (soft) capsules. Therefore, you can buy several brands of ESE type pads that are available for these Philips coffee makers, such as those from Fortaleza, Solimo (Amazon’s private label), etc.

Other compatible

There are also other compatible products, such as those for Lavazza capsule coffee machines.

Coffee (Arabica and Robusta)

Can I have a coffee, please. Arabica or Robusta?

we listen and that? we ask …

Robusta coffee (Coffea Canéphora) contains almost twice as much caffeine as Arabica coffee (Coffea arabica). It is a Central African variety that grows in dry areas, so it is not very digestive, the final aftertaste is bitter, it is full-bodied and has little perfume. It represents 43% of total world production and is more economical than Arabica.

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  • Golden organic cane sugar
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  • Ground coffee 250 gr
  • Organic ground green coffee 350 gr
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  • Organic ground coffee 250 gr
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