Almonds and nuts

As a supplier of almonds and nuts, we stand out for offering a wide variety of high quality products and a personalized service that adapts to the needs of each customer. In addition, we ensure that we maintain food safety standards and comply with traceability and sustainability requirements. Trust us as your almonds and nuts supplier, we guarantee a satisfactory experience and a constant supply.

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  • Constantí Rounded shape, sweet and very tasty flavor, thin and light-colored integument.
    Use: confectionery, nougat, chocolates, appetizers, peeled and roasted.
  • Marta Elongated shape, sweet and intense flavor, light-colored, compact and slightly rough tegument.
    Use: nougat, slices, confectionery, snacks and appetizers.
  • Lauranne Elongated and narrow shape, sweet flavor, marked tegument, soft and light color.
    Use: nougat, marzipan, chocolates, chocolates, frying, snacks, confectionery and foils.
  • Filippo Ceo Heart-shaped, sweet and intense flavor, little rough, compact and crunchy integument.
    Use: marzipan, soft nougat, chocolates, confectionery and flour.
  • Marinade Heart-shaped, sweet flavor, smooth and light-colored integument.
    Use: light foods and meals, appetizers and snacks with skin.
  • Penta Elongated and narrow shape, very sweet flavor, thin and compact integument of very light color.
    Use: nougats, chocolates, candies, chocolates, snacks, confectionery and toasts.
  • Antoñeta Rounded shape, sweet and intense flavor, light brown color and slightly rough tegument.
    Use: confectionery, nougat, frying, slices, snacks and appetizers.
  • Vairo Heart-shaped, sweet and intense flavor, smooth and crisp light-colored integument.
    Use: nougat, frying, chocolates, appetizers, snacks and confectionery.
  • Commune Heterogeneous variety, very uneven in shape, light sweet flavor, varied tegument and different textures.
    Use: marzipan, confectionery, frying, toasting and flour.
  • Marcona Rounded shape, very sweet flavor, smooth brown integument.
    Use: nougat, chocolates, frying, roasting and confectionery.


  • Stockings decorative and industrial confectionery use.
  • Pieces industrial use.
  • Laminas use in confectionery and bakery for coating and decorative purposes, as well as salad dressing.
  • Flour use in nougat, marzipan, ice cream and traditional confectionery, almond cakes and almond fillings.
  • Granillo confectionery and decorative use, texture contribution in traditional and Christmas confectionery elaborations, it also serves as a topping for ice creams, cakes and pies.

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